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Rendezvous with the Swiss Ambassador
The students of our school got the golden opportunity to visit the Swiss Embassy. About 25 students had a stimulating interface with the newly appointed Ambassador of Switzerland to India. His Excellency Dr. Linus Von Castelmur. He enlightened the students with his views and opinion on a variety of subjects and it was an enriching experience for the students. The interaction commenced with the screening of a scientific film. The chorus of the Universe. He elucidated the role of youth as a catalyst to strengthen international friendship and the development of the nation. It was a great honour for the school to be able to interact with a dignitary whose words of wisdom were a fountain of inspiration for the students . It was a gainful insight on the politics, society, economy and life of the people of Switzerland.The Programme was carried out under the guidance of the Principal, Mrs. Chitra Nakra. The ambassador congratulated the teachers . Mrs. Shilpa Kishnamurthy and Roma Gulati for their efforts in making the interaction a lively and stimulating experience. He appreciated the students for their spontaneous ingenuity and enthusiasm.