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The school recently flipped a few warm pages of the book of the past by inviting the Alumni to a “Get Involved Session – Coffee with the Principal” on Saturday, 5 May 2012. After the greetings, the reverent principal,Mrs. Nakra enlightened them with words of praise, love, pride and affection and shared her experiences with them over light refreshments. Mr. Sushant of DAV Alumni Company showed a presentation of a UNITED DAV ALUMNI and gave a few tips to strengthen the bonds of the alumni of all the DAV schools. Some of them volunteered to be class leaders and discussed ideas and ways with the Incharges and Alumni Incharges to get connected to the school by organizing events and activities for their alma mater, as well as, on a larger scale for all DAV alumni.The event ended on a note of satisfaction with the alumni strengthening their ties with the school.