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save environment
SAVE ENVIRONMENT - AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Veda Vyasa DAV Public School Vikaspuri organized an “ Environment Awareness Campaign”. The basic premise of the campaign was to spread the message of a clean-green Environment. The Principal of the school Mrs. Chitra Nakra addressed the students and sensitized them on the importance of conservation and preservation of our natural wealth. She highlighted the diabotic effects of pollution and deforestation and stressed upon the need to organize a mass movement to protect the environment else man will perish. The days proceedings began with a tree plantation drive by the staff and students in the school premises. A rally by students of Classes IV to X was flaggd off by the Activity Incharge & Eco-club Incharge of the school. The students carried banners, self made posters and slogans and rallied around in the neighbourhood to spread the message of a green environment for posterity. The students also distributed various saplings to the residents in the neighbourhood and exhorted them to contribute in their own way to save earth. The students pledged to make a beginning- plant a sapling and grow with it.