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DON’T JUST READ ABOUT SCIENCE…… DO SCIENCE! On 29th October 2012 our students Satvik Arora , Rohan Bhandari , Kashish Oberoi , Saurabh Mittal , Ajay Dhingra , Kashish Sehgal and Mrs.Bharati Boolchndani as teacher in charge attended GLOBE SCIENCE FESTIVAL. It was a wonderful being there as it provided us a big platform for exhibiting our GLOBE activities, GLOBE related projects and other achievements related to the GLOBE program. We interacted with many great personalities and also with students of different countries like schools from Thailand it was difficult to talk to them as they did not knew much English but their views were as high as the sky and talking with the school from US was wonderful. We also came to know about different reasons which harm the environment. We also got a chance to share our views about climatic changes on the basis of observation made by us in difference of temperature of 2012 and 2010and we observed there was a sudden increase in temperature of 2010 and 2012.we presented a PowerPoint presentation on the topic of global temperature change. We had a talk withMrs. Nandini (Nan) McClurgshe is the help desk coordinator of North America Regional Desk office. It was wonderful meeting her, her life give us inspiration to live our life with joy and also how to help nature. She was with 4 of students and 1 teacher from Hawkins high school of US. It was fun being with her.