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Science activity
Making of Science Brochure (Class VI)
Making of Science Magazine (ClassVII)
Date: 23rd November 2012
No. Of Participants: 100%
Venue: Class Rooms
On 23rd November 2012(Friday), Science academic activities, ‘SCIENCE MAGAZINE MAKING’ – (Class 7) and ‘Science brochure making’ (Class-6) was held in the classrooms, under which the students had to make the Science Magazines and Science Brochures.
Topics of Science Magazine:
1. Biodiversity 2. Health and Sanitation 3. Vigilance 4. Nobel laureates in Science 5. Scientoons, Jokes, Puzzles etc
Topics of Science Brochures:
1. Journey of Silk Cloth 2. Digestive System 3. Respiratory System 4. Circulatory System 5. Excretory System
While making these brochures and magazines, the students were able to gain knowledge about the various topics and also learnt how to work as a team. These activities also served as a base by which the students got a chance to display their creativity. The activities developed scientific temper. There was very much fun and everyone enjoyed it. Many awes trucking and beautiful files were produced. Every group had a group leader, who distributed the work equally among his team mates. This helped in inculcating leadership qualities and life skills which are the need of the hour. 100% participation by the students. Brochures and magazines will be marked as FA4 activity by the respective Science teachers.
Team of Science teachers guided all the students. Principal, Ms. Chitra Nakra, admired and appreciated the efforts of students. She motivated and encouraged all the students and teachers. Supervisory Incharge, Ms. Neeraj Jyoti and Head of Department (Science), Ms Aradhna Pandey also encouraged and admired the students.
Event Incharge: Class VI – Ms. Bhawna Munshi
Class VII – Ms. Meena Jha.