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Tete-a-tete with NCERT Director
The students of class XI of Veda Vyasa DAV Public School along with their principal,Ms. ChitraNakra and a senior teacher Ms. Alka Obheroi had an inspiring interactive session with Ms. Parvin Sinclair, Director,NCERT on 04 December.The students seized the opportunity to discuss various subjects ranging from education to politics,culture to economics.In the course of their tete-a-tete,they learnt that beneath the humble and warm disposition of Ms. Sinclair lies a distinguished personality with myriad achievements and an academician par excellence. Despite belonging to a family of medical professionals her propensity to Mathematics led her to master the subject. The students discussed her publications on Mathematics,her interest in dance and music, as well as, her endeavours of benevolence to the less fortunate.She answered all their queries and advised them to have a positive and broad outlook.She most humbly sought suggestions from students for improvement in the education system.It was an enlightening and fulfilling experience for the students.