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Climate Change: Is it happening?
V.V D.A.V PUBLIC SCHOOL, Vikas Puri took an active part in the online project : Climate change: Is it happening , organized by Connecting Classrooms | British Council Schools Online duration of the project (19th October 30th November ) The students were supervised by Ms. Bharati Boolchandani & Ms. Neelu Chhibba. The students were supposed to find about climate change .Students described their ideas about climate change through social networking sites (wall-wisher, facebook ), posters, Questionnaires, crossword and videos and shared with the students of Argentina, Taiwan, and Bangladesh. Students involved in this project called themselves as Green crusaders and spread awareness about the changes which are taking place slowly but not stopping & help them notice the importance of individual commitment as a way of making our Planet a better place to live in. For complete information about all the activities and seminars go to globalcc.tk/Image.html