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Dr. Jitender Nagpal renowned psychiatrist from Delhi visited the school to address the teachers on life skills in education. Dr. Nagpal is presently a Sr. Consultant psychiatrist in Vidyasagar Institute of Mental Health and neuro-sciences. He is also associated with Vimhans and Moolchand Medicity. He is the secretary general of Indian association for child and adolescent mental health. Dr. Nagpal is the programme director of Expressions India. These are only few of the esteemed portfolio`s held by him and the list is endless. He is a pioneer at introduction of life skills education in the CBSE curriculum. His special interest include use of theatre in education , promotion of caregivers and support groups/childhood adolescent-group, interventions. The main aim was to focus on helping children with developmental disabilities. He also shared with teachers the various ways in which they can nurture genius & talent in children. He emphasized on the need for quality learners , quality content , quality teaching-learning process & quality learning environments. He also appreciated the school for providing friendly , rewarding & supportive atmosphere and promoting active learning in children.