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Primary Wing Annual Day -2013
ANNUAL DAY REPORT According to a famous saying “Of all the arts, none remain as rooted in ritual as dance and drama. A child learns to sing even before he speaks and learns to dance even before he knows how to walk. Music and dance are present in a child’s heart from the beginning and it was through music and dance only that the students of V.V.D.A.V. Public School celebrated their special day i.e. Annual Presentation on theme “Cinderella-The Musical Play.” From costumes to stage settings to the stage performance , everything simply fell in place and made for an outstanding watch for the audience. Dance performances on It is beautiful day…,Sugar sugar …., Sha..la..la.. songs by pre-school kids and Do -re-mi…by prep kids formed a part of the play ,were a treat for the eyes. Besides the musical play our talented kids put forth a mesmerizing Gravity Dance ,Qwaali ,Aas Pas hai khuda and Classical dance. With diyas in hands , they performed with aplomb and enchanted the audience. They looked radiant in their traditional dresses and definitely brightened the joyous revelry. The efforts of the teachers as well as the students were applauded by our Chief guests Mr. Rahul Ram , Ms. Chandni Taneja , Chairman Dr. N.K. Uberoi, Principal Mrs. Chitra Nakra ,Supervisory Incharge Mrs. Vandana Chawla and above all the audience.