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Workshop on Earth Day
A workshop on Earth Day was organized by Indian Environment Society, with support of Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India in association with department of Environment, Govt. of NCT on 11th July 2013 at Delhi Secretariat. About 245 students from all across Delhi Participated in this workshop. Students from our school Ujjwal Rawat, Prateek Chawla, Nikhil Kumar, Sagar Walia and Abhishek Mehandiratta from class X under the guidance of teacher Mrs. Monika Bhatia have attended this workshop. Our students showcased their PowerPoint presentation on environmental awareness, stressing upon simple ways one can opt for conservation of environment. e.g., the water used for utensil cleaning, vegetables cleaning can be further used for watering plants. The Workshop was organized for the purpose of creating awareness among students. Esteemed guests, Dr.B.C. Sabata, SSO Environment society, Dr.Ram Bhuj, UNESCO and Dr.Deshbandhu, President, Indian Environment Society appreciated the students' efforts. They also talked about increasing environmental degradation and need of sustainable development.