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Janamashtami Celebration

Janamashtami   Celebration

Janamastami was celebrated in the school with great fervor by nursery wing. The students buzzed with excitement and the tiny tots of pre-school and pre- primary came dressed up as Radha, Krishna ,Gopies ,Sudama , Vasudeva , Yashoda ,Nandbaba, Devki  and  Gwals etc. and  presented the tableaus of Lord Krishna. The programme started with a introductory note as to why and how this festival is celebrated. Students of class - I narrated about the story of Lord Krishna and all the characters also.

“Dahi- Handi” was the main attraction of the event and children enjoyed a lot. Such programmes not only educate the children about  mythology but also instill moral values in them. Although , it was a memorable day for the little ones.