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Inter School Mathematics Activity
The interschool mathematics activity conducted by “Kulachi Hansraj Model School” was based on the theme “Mathematics in architecture”. 14 Schools participated in this activity. There were six children from each school, three from X, and three from IX. Our group comprised: 1)Rohan Bhandari X-E 2) Kartik Madan X-F 3)Kashish Sehgal X-E 4)Ajay Dhingra IX-E 5)Agrim Sharma IX-A 6)Saurabh Mittal IX-F It was a month long activity starting from 15th of July till 15th of August. We chose the structure “Mobius Strip Temple”, which the jury itself considered very challenging. But teamwork makes the challenges easy. We had to make the model taking mobius strip as the base of our structure, and simultaneously update the wiki and complete weekly activity assigned to us. Then, we had to comment on other school’s page, which enabled us to learn many new things. It enhanced 21st century skills among students. It helped us learn new values like teamwork, dedication, etc. Then came the culmination day on 24th August. We had to give a presentation, describing the making and journey of our model. We very well answered the questions given to us by the jury. Then, we had to show our models to the visitors and know their views. It was a learning experience. And then came the time of results. We were fortunate enough to win the appreciation prize. So, this was a happy collaboration, rather than a competition.