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Astronomy Club A Celestial Experience
The students of Astronomy Club of Veda Vyasa DAV Public School, Vikaspuri in collaboration with Z-Life Education participated in various Educational activities related to Liquid Nitrogen blast, Dry Ice Space bubbles, Moon watch, Making a comet etc. The students also got an exposure to various every day topics like Temperature, Pressure, Light, Electricity, Astronomy, Rocketry and Chemistry. The students, parents and teachers were also privileged to view the moon and Planet Venus through a Telescope. The Principal of the school Mrs. Chitra Nakra addressed the students and exhorted them to participate with enthusiasm as it is a journey of learning discovery and adventure. The Supervisory Incharge of the school Mrs. Neeraj Jyoti congratulated the students and motivated them to move to the next level with greater vigor so that we have great student leaders in Theoretical Astronomy.