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Colour Day Celebrations
  • Colour days- Colour attracts kids, and the importance of primary colours is necessary as well. A Red Colour Day and Yellow  Colour Day were celebrated  in the Pre School . The little ones wore   a red satin ribbon on Red Day a red corner was made in each class and the children coloured inside a red apple. On Yellow Day similarly a ‘Yellow Corner’ was made in each class and children coloured inside a ‘Mango’.

 ·         Be a sculptor- There is an artist in each of our little ones, and Be a sculptor activity was conducted, where the pupils moulded clay

into various intresting objects. It was a treat to see their creativity.

 ·         Costume Parade- A Costume Parade was conducted in the Nursery Wing for Pre Schoolers. They dressed up as Fruits, Vegetables and Junk Food and spoke about their character. This activity helped the little cherubs to distinguish between good health food and junk  food. ‘Jingles on food’ was conducted in Pre Primary and Class-I .