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Environment Week Celebrations
 Van Mahotsav- It is celebrated in July every year and it is a symbol of unending awakening movement towards a greener India. In order to signify the aforesaid relationship and to strengthen this bond further, numerous activities were conducted in Nursery Wing during the Environment week. 1. Tree plantation drive - Saplings were planted by students in the school garden area with the motto of Each one plant one. 2. Hug a Tree -Children in groups hugged a tree in order to strengthen their bond with the Mother Nature. 3. Go Green rally- In the school premises students were made to wear headgears followed by a march. 4. Jute Paper bag activity- A fun filled art activity was organized and the students were asked to create textures with Jute cloth on paper bags to encourage the concept of Say no to Plastic bags. 5. Thumb printing inside a tree- Impressions with thumb were created with green colour inside a tree to raise awareness in children about Our Environment.