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C.B.S.E. Regional Level Science Exhibition
C.B.S.E. Regional Level Science Exhibition Our students Pranav Malik (XI – A) and Aparna Krishnan (XII – A) had participated in the Regional Level C.B.S.E. Science Exhibition held on 23rd and 24th August 2011. The exhibit is one of the fifteen models selected from hundreds of exhibits put up at KIIT World School, Pitampura. These students will now be competing in the National Level C.B.S.E. Science Exhibition. The team consisting of Aparna ,Pranav and two biology teachers Mrs.Chhaya Malik and Mrs. Aradhana Pandey worked in N.B.P.G.R. (National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources), IARI. The project is titled as “In vitro conservation and cryopreservation of endangered and endemic species Citrus indica. The fruits of this species were obtained from Meghalaya and this team generated many plants from the seeds by growing the embryos in culture medium. The seeds have been preserved in cryopreservation tanks and the plantlets grown have been preserved in gene banks for future use. This effort is a step towards conservation of biodiversity,