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Visit to Hastal Minar

(Project: Adopt a Monument by Intach)


Under the ‘Adopt a Monument’ program by Intach our school has adopted the Hastal Minar. The Hastal Minar is also known as the ‘brother’ or ‘cousin’ of Qutab Minar. Hastal Minar is a tower in red sandstone and brick in West Delhi’s Hastal Village doesn’t ring bell for many. The Minaret was built by Emperor Shah Jahan in 1650 as a Hunting Lodge. A narrow staircase leading up to the top of the Minar and the tunnel connecting it to the Baradari(entertainment hall) are the highlights of this structure. One of the stories revolving around its name is that the place used to be submerged in water and elephants used to rest here and that’s how it got its name ‘Hastal’ from Haathi(elephant) and sthal(place). The children of Eco club and G.K.Club accompanied by teachers visited this monument. It is in depleted condition with garbage strewn around and full of cobwebs. The sweeper who was accompanying the group cleaned the place to some extent. The school has taken up the project to maintain the building under Adopt a Monument program by INTACH.