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A team of twenty students and three teachers participated in Filmit India Project undertaken by Intach. Filmit India is a partnership between Open Futures schools in the UK. on 1 Feb, 2012. The films made by the students on culture are shared with students in UK.

Our students & teachers were honoured with prizes by the renowned theater & film personality Sanjana Kapoor and famous Indian journalist, news anchor and author Sagarika Ghosh at a specially held presentation programme at India Islamic Cultural Centre.

The special guest of honour was Lady Helen Hamlyn. The project is funded by the Helen Hamlyn Trust UK and is a part of Open Futures Filmit programme.

Agrim Sharma of class VII-A , Ujjwal Rawat  of class VIII-D & Anirudh Batra of class IX uploaded their individual movies & got lot of appreciation for their laudable efforts.

Ms. Vandana Chawla, Ms. Priti Batra & Mr. Jitendra was awarded appreciation certificates.

Our School won the prize in the following categories-

Best Screenplay - Leather Puppets

Best Direction - Adopt A Monument- Hastal Minar