Aakanksha (A Project for students with Specific Needs) Back

  • Speech therapy and Physiotherapy services availbale for children with specific problems and needs.
  • Counseling/Guidance to parents during school hours.
  • Trained coach for sports to look after the sports needs of children.
  • Art and Crafts Instructor.
  • Activity Room.
  • Medical / First Aid.
  • Multipurpose Hall.

To inculcate skills like teamwork, tolerance, sportsmanship, respect and work ethics, which is useful in everyday life, children are encouraged to participate in various sports activities life.
  • Athletics
  • Boccee
  • Carrom

To Explore and fine-tune the vocational skills, children are imparted vocational training, in the following areas, on regular basis in order to make them independent in a particular field:

  • Art and Crafts
  • Clay modelling
  • Paper machine
  • Embroidery work
  • Making of
    • Rakhi
    • Greeting Card
    • Flower Pot
    • Wax / Gel Candles
    • Diyas
    • Matkis

For entertainment purposes, shows are arranged by the Fun Time Club.
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet Show
  • Bear Dance
  • Monkey Dance
  • Buggy Ride

Results showed that children respond better when they learn through the multimedia content. A schedule is prepared under the supervision of their Incharge, where in all the teachers bring the children to the computer class and learn basic computer skills.

Technology can make a difference in the way we learn is evident here.

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