A Tryst with Technology

Change is the mantra of millennium and to ensure that our young learners will be able to keep abreast of cataclysmic changes the school had made a a tryst with technology.

Computer Education is an integral part of the school curriculum and four well equipped, air-conditioned labs have been set up. computer aided teaching is imparted from class Nursery onwards. The computers work on Local Area Network (LAN) and students have free access to internet on all the terminals and can view the multimedia presentations prepared by the teachers and even the students.

The School has set up a CD library for the students. The main purpose of the library is to enhance the learning curve of the young learners and to facilitate the learning process. The library has an inventory of thousands of C.D.'s which illustrate the topic in a user friendly manner.

The school has taken a giant stride by setting up a multimedia lab with the purpose of making learning interactive, stimulating and enriching. The lab's inventory includes latest equipment. The Educational CDs and Academic support material is projected on the big screen with Laser Projectors.

The School has set up QUEST - A Resource Centre. It has two pronged approach. The first to provide the teachers with powerful global teaching resources and support material and the second to provide the students an unlimited access to courseware.

Lord Ganesh depended on mouse to travel arround the world, we are just following his foot steps. VVDAV.COM A concept that become a reality, thanks to the futuristic view of the Principal Mrs. Chitra Nakra. VVDAV.COM is a fully dynamic and interactive web portal that aims at increasing the interactivity among everybody connected with the school. Every student, parent and staff have their own independent logins and access to the web portal, where they can interact with each other, review their performance, increase their knowledge and many other feature. An important aspect of the web portal being seconds approach of updating the information on the website.

An Experience with MEGAWRITE