Solve this puzzle :-

  • Arrange the numbers 1 to 9 in such a way that the total of the numbers along each diagonal is 15 ( each number must be used only once ).
  • Answer this puzzle within one week’s time.

Crossword Puzzle

Activity to be done during the chapter operations on large numbers (Addition)

  • There is no zero in the crossword puzzle.
  • No digit appears more than once in the same answer

Chapter – Operations on Large Numbers

Brahmagupta helped in bringing the concept of zero in arithmetic .He attempted to provide the rules for addition , subtraction and multiplication involving zero . Number theory was given by Ramanujan who is famous for noticing curious patterns in the way whole numbers can be broken down into sums of smaller numbers (partitions) . e.g No . 4 has five partitions -- 4 , 3+1 , 2+2 , 1+1+2 , 1+1+1+1 .

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