From the Desk

Veda Vyasa D.A.V. Public School is happy to be a host to various International Projects and Events in the school. Such activities provide the students with a unique educational experience. In a globalised world, it is imperative for students to nurture global perspectives so that they can comprehend the interconnected world. These projects will enable the youth to look ahead & build a harmonious world and blaze new trails of understanding & brotherhood. In time to come these projects will provide the youngsters a platter to engage their time and energy to foster mutual respect and understanding. Besides it is a wonderful experience for students which can prove to be an inspiration for future study, good relations and comfortable co-existence. Issues such as climate change, terrorism, drugs, International financial order call for all nations to join hands, strive for answers and seek solutions. These international projects are platforms to help address these global matters. They also help to bring together the youths from far & wide, build bridges of friendship and encourage them to be responsible citizens of the world. We make our children aware of the need to join hands together. The teachers and children are equally committed to the program and bring their personal touch through real world insights and experiences. We believe that this program has helped to shape the educational experiences into a platform for global engagement and global classrooms. It was really an exciting, productive and memorable project for us.

"Some dream of worthy accomplishments while others stay awake and do them."

Mrs. Chitra Nakra
Veda Vyasa D.A.V.Public School

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